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kind words from those we have already inspired…

“What a breath of stimulating air […] impressive ideas.

One point […] moving cast iron sheds (Winter Gardens) is not an impossible issue and I have been involved in several like the Floral Hall of Covent Garden. One recent move was of a listed shed at Brooklands Museum. The Winter Garden at Great Yarmouth has already been shifted from Torquay. But I sense Gt. Y needs far more than a restored Winter Garden to draw in people tomorrow. St Austell did this well with the Eden Project 30 years ago but what is the next big idea. Perhaps an interactive new centre for how we are to eat in the future.

And what can the dynamic new economy of Cambridge do for Gt. ?”

AB – Civil Engineer, London, 05 November 2020

“Brilliant … it captures your passion and vision. I really like ‘Catch the Tide’ which acts as an appealing exhortation. A very compelling read and v best luck with it – not half as bonkers as I first surmised. Congratulations”

MM – Business Person, London, 20 October 2020

“Thank you very much for your document on Great Yarmouth on which I congratulate you. It reads and looks very well. Despite the challenges that your paper rightly identifies, Great Yarmouth has some splendid buildings, and the sensitive refurbishment of those can do nothing but good for the town ”

RC – Laywer, London, 15 October 2020

“Thank you for sending your excellent report on Great Yarmouth.”

Kit Martin – Architect, Gunton

“I feel very much like you, that Yarmouth has lots of to offer and I am working with GYBC to help realise their vision for the town – they are genuinely striving to bring substantial public investment into the area.”

DT, Sheringham

“Very good indeed to hear from you and thank you for sending me your superb and inspiring document. All the best to you and with the leading by example; it is brilliant authentic championship by you.”

DR, Norwich

“Hi Gillian – great respect to you – think the brochure is key and guess the success will be dependent on key stakeholders working together.”

IW, Holt | 20 September 2020

“Thank you very much for the manifesto – it is wonderful, thoughtful and so beautifully presented. I have already started sending it to contact”

TA, Norwich | 28 September 2020

“Thanks very much and this is a wonderful vision ! I must say the Winter Gardens idea is brilliant.”

RW, London | 20 September 2020

“My personal belief is that VR will thrive in the next ten years and has the largest potential for growth with companies moving to remote working. All of those sectors you mention will have massive growth in the next ten years and having Yarmouth turn into a thriving tech hub would be the best thing that ever happened for it. The people there are definitely smart enough, if there is work available for them there then that might also encourage people to stay there or even return there after University. I think with the cost of London always increasing and the new wave of house price increases, you will get more and more students returning to their homelands after university and in Norfolk the houses are affordable so having jobs available too would genuinely encourage growth.”

PD, London | 29 August 2020